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AHLA staff will contact each faculty member once they have been confirmed by a member of the planning committee. Specific logistical information will be sent at that time. Please read this information carefully and note any deadline dates provided. Adhering to staff deadlines will ensure a smooth and timely process. In general, here are some important items to keep in mind.

Program Registration

All individuals chosen to speak at an AHLA in-person program will receive a complimentary registration to the program. Instructions on how to register as Faculty will come from an AHLA staff member. We do not, however, extend complimentary registrations to others in your firm/organization so those individuals will need to register and pay separately.

Hotel Reservations

Hotel stay is reimbursed for those coming in from out of town to the program location. Hotel reservations are not automatically made for you. Faculty must make their own reservations. The number of nights covered depends on the length of program. Faculty is encouraged to stay in AHLA’s hotel block.

Travel and Incidentals

Faculty who are in-house counsel, compliance officers, academicians, or government representatives traveling from out of town will be reimbursed for travel and incidentals. AHLA will cover coach airfare/travel expenses to and from the program. Flights exceeding $500 will need prior approval. Upgrades and change fees are the responsibility of the individual traveler. AHLA offers options for booking travel through ATC Travel Agent. AHLA staff will send information to those that are eligible for travel. The maximum amount for incidentals (meals, taxis, and tips) will also be reimbursed.

We do not cover travel or incidentals for those in private practice or consulting firms.


An expense reimbursement form will be sent to each presenter prior to the program. Faculty must use the form AHLA provides. Receipts for each expense item will need to be included. Following instructions provided will ensure your expenses are reimbursed in a timely manner. It typically takes 4 weeks from the time the expenses are received to receive your reimbursement.

Cancellations and Substitutions  

What to do if you are unable to fulfill your obligations to present at the program:
It is expected that you will honor your commitment to speak at the scheduled times. We know that client emergencies may arise, but ask that speakers work with others at their firms and organizations to address these issues in such a way that still allows them to deliver their presentations. We realize, however, that other events, such as a flight cancellation or an unforeseen medical or family emergency, are outside of a presenter’s control and may prevent them from presenting as scheduled. If this happens, please contact AHLA staff and your co-presenter(s) as soon as possible. We will do everything we can to avoid cancelling a session. AHLA staff and the program planning committee will work with you to find a substitute, if the co-speakers are not able to cover the materials.  
Not showing to a scheduled presentation without any notice is especially disruptive to the program and should be avoided. Not showing will affect your future speaking engagements with AHLA.