Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the website for the AHLA Communities?

  2. Who do I contact when I have questions or feedback?
    We welcome the feedback and thoughts of our AHLA members and list subscribers about the new platform. Contact us at or call our Member Services Center at (202) 833-1100, prompt #2.
  4. Where are my emails with the list postings? I’m not seeing them in my inbox?
    The real-time and daily digest emails of discussions from the AHLA Communities will be coming from a new email address. Be sure to add to your safe senders list or whitelist that address to receive the emails.

  5. How can I change my delivery preferences (how often I receive messages)?

    Go to My Subscriptions or the Subscriptions area under My Account on your Profile.  You can also adjust delivery preferences for individual communities on each community's homepage.

  6. Why am I receiving daily digest emails of conversations from my list, instead of the weekly digest?
    The new AHLA Communities have options for real-time emails, as well as a daily digest, or no emails (if you wish to look at all postings on the web only). Weekly digest emails are no longer supported, but please send us your thoughts if you would like to see it in a future update.

  7. Who can join the AHLA Communities?
    Participation in the AHLA Communities is open to AHLA members as well as those in the greater health law community.  We do require that you create an AHLA login account to participate in the Communities.

  8. How do I subscribe to a new Discussion List or Forum in the AHLA Communities?
    You can update your delivery preferences by going to your “My Account” tab (either click your photo at the top right, or on the main page of the AHLA Communities, click the blue button “View my Profile.” There you will select the tab “My Account” and drop down to “Subscriptions”, then “Community Emails,” and click on “Configure Your Subscription.” You can also update your subscriptions on the AHLA website when you log in under “myAHLA.”

  9. How do I adjust my privacy settings?
    You can control who has can see any aspect of your profile by editing your My Privacy Settings page.
  11. How do I change my signature?
    You can change the signature that shows at the end of your posts and replies on the My Signature page.

  12. How do I change my Areas or Expertise, Company, Job Title, and other profile information?
    You can change this information by going to your profile in the AHLA Community. Just click the icon button   located to the right of each of these sections and select "update my...".  This will take you to a page where you can update the information.

  13. How do I propose setting up a new Discussion Group or Forum?
    We welcome any suggestions for new discussion groups.  Please email the AHLA Communities team at We do not allow members to automatically create their own discussion communities at this time. Rather, we want to make sure that enough members have interest in a specific topic before we start a new discussion.